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Business Critical App option added to "New VM Wizard"

It would be great to have a "Business Critical App" option added to the "New Virtual Machine" Wizard. This removes the need for vSphere customers to have to read the best practices guide for Oracle Databases, MS-SQL Server, Cisco UC, SAP, EPIC, MediTech, etc. This would take care of the ParaVirtual vNIC, ParaVirtual vSCSI configuration, dedicated VMDKs for OS/APP/DB/LOG/TEMP, respecting NUMA boundaries, etc.



This is the most common issue I see when executing vSphere Health Checks. A business critical database is built with LSI Logic SAS with a single VMDK and an E1000 vNIC with vFloppy and NUMA boundaries exceeded; and they wonder why there are performance issues on a brand new SDDC. It would be great if vSphere would allow Operators to follow a wizard for this type of build and not be an expert on the nerd-knobs of VM Hardware.

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  • Nov 14 2019
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