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All About Space Candy Strain

The Space Candy strain was created by combining a CBD-rich variety with a Sour Tsunami. The result is a strain with a distinct aroma and a high-intensity, uplifting high. This strain is best suited for daytime use and is known to produce red hairs. This strain can also be used as depression and chronic stress medicine. It is not for those with a fear of heights or a tendency to be paranoid.

Space Candy Strain is a feminized cannabis strain with a short flowering period. Despite the short flowering period, Space Candy plants will yield 12-14 ounces of bud per square meter when grown indoors. Outside, it can yield up to 14 ounces per plant. The highest recorded THC content was 22%, while its CBD content was 1%. Space Candy's uplifting and relaxing effects are popular with users, and the strain is known to help alleviate some types of mood disorders, such as depression, stress, and anxiety.

The Space Candy cannabis flower is a friendly flower with a sweet aroma and can be infused into edibles. While it doesn't cause couchlock, its psychedelic effects can increase anxiety and lead to slight dizziness and headaches. As with any marijuana strain, it's best to experiment with a limited amount of this bud to avoid unpleasant side effects. The Space Candy strain may be available through brands or retailers selling concentrated cannabis.

The Space Candy cannabis strain is a cross between Cherry Space Queen and Cotton Candy, Heroes Of The Farm created this strain from these two strains. This marijuana strain is highly aromatic and has a sweet, candy-apple taste. The buds are light green with large trichomes. Space Candy is one of the best options if you are looking for a unique strain that will make you happy and energized. Its high levels of CBD content and CBD-rich buds make it a popular choice.

Sour Space Candy is one of the best CBD-rich marijuana strains on the market. It boasts a CBD content of 20 percent. Despite its high concentration of CBD, this bud also boasts a diverse profile of cannabinoids and terpenes. In addition, Myrcene contributes to its anti-inflammatory properties and is the perfect strain for a relaxing day or night. The effects of Sour Space Candy are both uplifting and calming.

Sour Space Candy has a citrusy, earthy aroma and sweet and sour notes. Its skunky or diesel-like aroma results from its high levels of CBD; As a CBD-rich strain, Sour Space Candy has an impressively unique flavor profile. And because of its many terpenes, it has a unique, spicy aroma. But, the high in this strain is well worth the pungent odor.

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  • Jun 14 2022
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    15 Sep, 2022 06:51am

    When you buy bud online, it is important to find a reputable online store that offers a money back guarantee. Although many online stores do this, there are still some scams out there, so you should read their policies very carefully. When you have a money back guarantee, you can easily exchange or return the product if you find it to be defective.

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    20 Jul, 2022 05:36pm

    The Sour Space Candy Strain is also a popular sativa that offers pungent, fruity flavors balanced by earthy tones. Its flavor is so strong and euphoric that users are left wanting more. The sour kick comes as a surprise to many, but once you've had it, you'll see why it's a popular strain.